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Is caffeine helping your migraines or making them worse?

Caffeine and migraines have a complicated relationship. For some, caffeine is helpful to alleviate a migraine, and for others, caffeine is a trigger.

Caffeine is a popular ingredient in over the counter migraine medications and a few prescription medications for immediate relief. In addition, caffeine withdrawal headache is a known phenomenon in which the removal of caffeine leads to a terrible headache or worse, a migraine.

So does caffeine help or hurt? The answer is both. Caffeine can help for an acute migraine and if you drink caffeine daily, caffeine withdrawal headaches may become an issue with missing just one cup of coffee. On the other hand, excessive caffeine in drinks and medications can lead to medication overuse headaches or ongoing migraines.

So what's the solution? Moderation and consistency is key with caffeine to avoid symptoms. Monitor your headaches triggers and avoid caffeine if it worsens your headache. Avoid excessive caffeine and try to consume the same amount per day to prevent headaches from occurring.

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